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Antena Wajan Bolic & Panci Bolic

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Edimax Technology is dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of a broad range of networking solutions. Since Edimax was founded in Taiwan in 1986, the company has grown to be among Asia’s leading manufacturers of advanced network communication products. Edimax is headquartered in Taipei County, Taiwan, Republic of China, and is listed at the Taiwanese Stock Exchange since 2001. In 2006, the company’s revenue reached US $78 million and its current workforce counts over 750 employees worldwide.
Edimax’s global presence includes subsidiaries in the USA, China and Europe. The company maintains branch offices in Miami, San Jose, Beijing, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania and most recently, France and Russia. Currently, Edimax serves over 70 countries via our worldwide distribution channels. Our successful growth lies in an established and continuously expanding partner channel network. Through our international distribution centers in Taiwan, San Jose, Miami and the Netherlands, we can offer logistic services and ensure a timely customer delivery and excellent RMA support worldwide.
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Our mission is simple and clear: ‘Networking People Together’. With over 20 years experience in the networking industry, we are able to deliver the best-in-class solutions to our global partners and customer. We are committed to bringing the advantages of the latest networking technologies to the PC user by offering the best price-performance products and solutions. Our products do not only cater the needs of the SOHO and SME market, but also enable service providers to fully exploit business opportunities with other communication technologies. Through continual efforts in technology innovation, customer satisfaction and market developments, Edimax has proven to be a service and customer-oriented partner in networking.

Apa itu Antena WajanBolic?
Antena Parabolic yg terbuat dari wajan

Kalo Antena PanciBolic?
Antena Parabolic yg terbuat dari tutup panci

Antena WajanBolic / PanciBolic cocok untuk siapa?
Bagi yg pengin konek internet via wireless LAN dg cara hemat, ngirit man ... krn kocek pas2-an .. yach mlarat begitulah..

Bagi yg kuat malu, "Biar Jelek Asal Konek"

Bagi yg pengin 'nggantol' internet gratis dari kantor ke rumah atau kampus ke kos-kosan ... untuk tujuan positip tentunya

WajanBolic / PanciBolic berdasar radionya :
WajanBolic /PanciBolic dg Wifi USB, didesain untuk peralatan Client
WajanBolic / PanciBolic dg Access Point, bisa buat Point to Point, Point to Multipoint atau Client

Landasan Teori :
Struktur dasar Antena Parabolic :
Main reflector yg berbentuk parabola
Feeder yg posisinya terletak pada titik fokus parabola

Menentukan titik fokus parabola :

f = D^2/(16xc)

f : jarak titik fokus tegak lurus dari center parabola

D : Diameter parabola

c : kedalaman parabola

Menghitung Gain Antena Parabolic :

G = 10 Log Eff + 20 Log D + 20 Log f + 20.4

G : Gain antena (dB)

Eff : Effisiensi dish ( 0.4 ~ 0.5)

D : Diamater parabolic dish (m)

f : frekuensi (GHz)

Karena ditujukan untuk mendapatkan koneksi internet dg biaya peralatan Client yg relatif ringan maka dalam tulisan ini akan banyak membahas antena WajanBolic sbg Client dg radio jenis Wifi USB

Kemudahan-kemudahan dalam pembuatan Antena WajanBolic / Pancibolic + Wifi USB :

  • Tidak Memerlukan pigtail
  • Tidak ada pekerjaan penyolderan kabel dan konektor RF
  • Tidak ada modifikasi di RF subsistem pada peralatan wifi shg tidak khawatir timbulnya SWR
  • Tidak perlu bongkar casing PC dalam instalasinya spt jika menggunakan PCI Card
  • Karena power supply wifi diambil dari port USB PC / Notebook shg tidak perlu power supply external dan POE (Power Over Ethernet) yg memudahkan saat Outdoor Live Test di lokasi yg tidak ada catuan listrik PLN
  • Operasional koneksi ke Access Point mudah
  • Karena bahan feeder dari pipa pralon bukan kaleng, maka pengerjaannya lebih mudah dan memperkecil kemungkinan terkena sayatan benda tajam
  • Bahan-bahan relatif mudah didapatkan

Beberapa kekurangannya :

  • Karena berupa solid dish maka pengaruh angin cukup besar sehingga perlu mounting antena ke tower yg kuat
  • Untuk keperluan outdoor diperlukan kabel USB extender 10 ~ 15 m yg mesti dibuat sendiri karena kalo menggunakan beberapa kabel USB repeater yg pajang per segmen 5 m, harga perangkat jadi mahal, mahal di kabel USB repeater
  • Tampangnya agak memalukan ... nDeso..

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