Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wireless Internet

Why You Need Wireless Internet?

By Tran Tinh

If you are a professional blogger, you should know that internet is an important factor that help you stay connected with your readers and make a lot of money too. How can you update your blog while internet is not accessible like you are at the bus station, on the train….That is why you really need wireless internet or wifi!

I am a junior blogger and I am only blogging on my free time but I hate being disconnected anytime even I am not at my desk. I love my friends chatting and talking with me both online and offline. Further, I also love reading offline messages when I am away. Therefore, I have just decided to install Belkin a wireless routers for my bedroom where I can access anywhere with my little laptop.

Last month, I had a long trip to Singapore and I was very happy as wifi is accessible everywhere even in the public toilets and I can connect with your family and friends anytime. But, it is different than my conditions here in Hanoi. A few places with wireless internet are located in the center but the network is too bad and the routers they are using are too old. Most of companies here are using D-Link routers to set up wireless internet but they do not use replace old ones with new routers to speed up their wireless network.

Some of my friends advised that whenever I would like to bring my own laptop or office supplies abroad, the first thing I should do is to double-check where the wireless device attached to my laptop is properly installed or not to make sure that I will be connected without any problems as I am not an IT expert.

Further, if you are using a desktop and you would not like to see a lot of cable around you, you can still make it connected to wireless by installing PC card and wireless adapter. These devices will help your desktop connect to wireless routers too. Good luck and hope you can do on your own now.